BrandSOM is a B2B mobile first e-commerce ecosystem for suppliers, buyers and stakeholders. Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers needs a platform which makes their life easy in terms of operations, productivity, scale and growth.

BrandSOM is an intelligent platform built with modern technologies such as ML, AI models and inhouse algorithms. Other key ingredients of BrandSOM platform includes user experience, security and flexibility. It is not just a tech. app but business power in right hands.

Businesses are established on the need but they grows on the trust, taking this as the fundamental philosophy crucial features were built in the BrandSOM. The simplicity in dealing with complex B2B buying process, error free order execution, efficient logistics and Realtime information flow, makes the platform futureproof and affordable from MSMES to Lage enterprises.

BrandSOM features

  • Manage Buyers (Agents and Parities) and their custom offerings

  • Manage complete online catalogue

  • Administrate MRP and Tax components dynamically

  • Have complete control on product visibility specific to intended buyers

  • Administrate internal operations (order approval, loading, dispatch, payments, incentives and invoicing)

  • Mobile first dashboards and Real-Time Insights

  • Users, roles and permissions to manage all stakeholders experience